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A Ray of Sunshine

Through the Passage of Time

An olfactive excellence expressing

the spirit of togetherness

Positivity, generosity and togetherness are the leitmotifs of this olfactive composition. As a story-telling scent, Atrium 20 conveys the value of a Basler foundation.

To create the perception that will remind of the spirit and philosophy of the foundation, distinctive olfactive accords are composed to perfect this extraordinary sensory image: The portrait of the house, the significant earthiness and the open-hearted smile through the passage of time.



A Transcendent Essence of

An Art Collector


A Scent of Tomorrow From the Ashes of the Past

Point Mort, the point of death, or the start of the future? It is a true marvel of olfactive composition, which declares an enchanting past and an unexplored future.

This particular perfume is exclusively created for a special person, whose work is devoted to the quest for the perpetual illumination. The daring approach of characterizing the Oud and the interpretation of captivated imaginations turn this perfume into a true work of art, which demand nothing else than its artistic existence.

Revolutionary scents made to break the rules and challenge the intellect

From 2016 to 2018, Vincent Micotti made three conceptual creations with the world-renowned conductor Teodor Currentzis. Three epic themes, three sentimental voyages: the tears of melancholic spring season, the unforgettable aura of an enchanted Greek island, the golden transformation of autumn… These artistic collaborations hold the secret of a never-fading shine of emotions. 



 Teodor Currentzis

Project Teodor Currentzis X Vincent Micotti

Paul Klee

The Abstract Dimension

Fourteen iconic scents represent the time and life circumstances Paul Klee had experienced.

In 2017, Vincent Micotti was commissioned by the Fondation Beyeler to create a scented memory of the life of artist Paul Klee from 1914 to 1940. The exhibition was named ‘The Abstract Dimension’ and the fourteen iconic scents that were created offer a striking and deep sensory connection to Paul Klee’s remarkable life.

This ground-breaking olfactory choreography translates those unforgettable moments of Klee’s life into scent: from the Tunisian lights to the darkest parts of the 20th century, from the old violin case to the smell of the ink, from the paintbrushes to the propaganda newspapers, from hope to despair…These awakened fragments also inspired Vincent Micotti to create an epilogue for the exhibition,  ‘Lights and Shadows – Hommage a Paul Klee’.


raphael blechschmidt

A Sophisticated Basler Fashion Designer

The artistry of fashion and perfume

A fashion house is incomplete without a masterpiece of perfume sharing its vision and philosophy. Raphael Blechschmidt, a highly-talented Basel fashion designer, has long dreamed of creating a bespoke perfume for his haute-couture fashion label and his sophisticated clientele, just like Yves Saint-Laurent and other fashion designers.

Elegant, free-spirited and enchanting, like an exotic adventure, Raphael Blechschmidt’s first perfume collection was born. Elegant, alluring, sovereign.


From Concept to a Real Story

At Vincent Micotti’s creative lab in Basel, we create story-telling perfumes, expressive olfactory artworks and memorable moments. Together with our forward-thinking design team, we complete many bespoke creative projects – both small and large scale – for clients around the globe each year. From perfume creation to branding development and production, we pride ourselves in making your extraordinary ideas a reality.

A Revolution in Olfactory Art

Thanks to Micotti’s unconventional approach in perfume composition, each olfactive artwork carries out its mission to keep dreams alive and to delight the senses. No matter how the story begins and where it leads, this perfume revolution will bring your spirit to the never fading stars and to explore the infinite beauty of time.